• I am even more impressed than ever by your no feed tomato compost. How did you come up With such an amazing mixture?? First fruit picked 31 May. Grown in conservatory in the midlands. And that’s just one plant..

  • Lakeland Gold used on lillies and wisteria

    After purchasing two bags of your Gold compost on the recommendation of Harts lily bulb firm I am so impressed I thought I would let you know how happy I am with the results...and subsequently I have ordered another two bags from Marshalls Seeds to re-pot some others lilies in the garden. The wisteria the kids gave me for mother's day..well the plant has pushed up so many extra branches, from ground level, frankly, I am astounded....the plant is obviously very very happy. (68 year old who cannot bend down to garden anymore) Ann.

    I have been planting loads in the garden into black kitchen refuse bins, £3 from the local pound shop, lightweight but tall so a good depth for roots, swing lids off in the summer months, but as the plant dies back in the autumn, I thought I would return the lids so that I can close them on frosty nights easily....maybe with some straw tucked inside.......... trial and error, not sure how moist to keep the compost overwinter..........will keep you posted how this experiment goes. Ann.

  • David talking about his beautiful containers planted in our Wool Compost

    I have never before had such a success with manufactured composts. I did try out a few bags last year for the first time having met you at Malvern. It was a success last year but this year the results are outstanding. I ordered enough for a friend and she also is delighted with the results. We will be ordering again next year.

  • George talking about the Giant Cucumber he grew using our Vegetables and Salads Compost

    I have never grown anything quite like this in the past. I can only put it down to using your compost.

  • Thank you so much for your interest in our products following the Back to the Land TV Programme with Kate Humble. We are working through your orders as fast as possible but please bear with us if there is a short delay before receiving your compost. Happy Gardening!

  • Simply the most impressive compost I have ever used - Terry Marshall, professional tomato grower - after trialling the new vegetable compost on his tomatoes.

  • Lakeland Gold - absolutely fabulous stuff, dissolved my clay - Richard Edgar 2016

    Talking about Lakeland Gold as he re-ordered it.

  • The overwintering onions have developed superb root systems and my sweet pea seedlings look better than I have ever seen them at this time of year. Terry Marshall, West Yorkshire

    Terry Marshall has written a very well written and illustrated book, titled "Organic Tomatoes The Inside Story"

  • "You only have to put your hands in this compost to know how good it is" Karen - Alleyn Park Garden Centre

  • I was very keen to keep up with trends and use a peat free sustainable product that delivered consistent results. Dalefoot's range of composts do just that. Martin Ogle - Head Gardener Lowther Castle

    The garden renovation project at Lowther Castle is into its fifth year with new plantings now starting to be added. I was very keen to keep up with trends and use a peat free sustainable product that delivered consistent results. Dalefoot's range of composts do just that. We've used most of the range now and cannot recommend their composts highly enough. The Lakeland Gold helped to break up our clay conditions beautifully in our new parterre tapestry garden where Yew hedging and perennials are now growing. The see compost has performed brilliantly for us when raising seeds and the potting compost delivers consistent results with very little additional feeding needed, plus it retains moisture very well.

  • Mrs Francis is a passionate vegetable grower from Norwich who wrote to us after trying our Double Strength Wool Compost...

    I mulched my veggie plants and "tickled" the compost in on the plots....what a difference! Mrs Francis, Norwich

    Even though Dalefoot Composts are a bit more expensive initially, when you take into consideration the quality of the produce and the money you save on feeds and fertilizers, I truly believe it is cost effective. .... I could not believe the quality of the cabbages and kale last year, my best ever...I lost count of the number of cucumbers, many more than the two in the growbag put together......The fruit from the tomatoes was amazing. The thing that surprised me most of all, was how little I had to water compared to other composts....

  • "Lakeland Gold is absolutely brilliant on my clay soil"

    Lakeland Gold has been absolutely brilliant on my clay soil. It was a little more expensive but worth every penny.

  • This year we grew three marrows over 155lbs. One of the ingredients to our success has been through the use of Dalefoot Compost's products.

  • "Thanks for the compost, which arrived very promptly. I will definitely be ordering more for later on.I can safely say that the seed compost has worked for me - I have good healthy baby plants, which I most certainly did not have with the previous organic compost. Lorna - Stirlingshire

    It was waiting for me when I arrived home from work on Tuesday. Gorgeous stuff! I potted on all my sickly seedlings on Wednesday morning, and they are now starting to look so much better. They are actually growing instead of just sitting. I will definitely be ordering more for later on.

  • Beautiful skin finish on the potatoes. Good results for the beetroot and celery too. I believe this compost could be the answer to the peat debate.

  • The results were fantastic with regards to the skin quality and uniformity. These were easily the best potatoes I have ever grown.

  • I recommend Dalefoot Compost range to everyone with a garden - it does what it says it will! We discussed our troublesome, dry, waterlogged and wormless garden border with Simon at Tatton Flower Show and placed our first order for a mixture of Double Strength Wool compost and Lakeland Gold...

    We again ordered some the next year as everything had grown really well. But the real proof of this excellent product was only obvious when we dug over the border this winter. The soil was rich, nicely broken up and full of worms!


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