Caption: Naturalistic planting
Caption: The Greenterior
Caption: Xeriscaped gardens
Caption: Cyber Lime

2024 is a year of exploration for gardeners. As the interest in biodiversity, sustainability, and organic growing continues to rise, a new trend will emerge-‘anti-gardening’ or ‘chaos gardening’. This approach, which defies the traditional notion of a well-manicured, orderly garden, will encourage gardeners to embrace a more natural and diverse landscape.

There will be a huge focus on Gen Z, who want quality over quantity, especially with regard to sustainability. Being the first generation to be raised in an entirely digital world, they will look towards gardening social media, especially those updated regularly.

In a world increasingly dominated by digital environments, the need for nature immersion and wellbeing is more pronounced than ever. The 'greenterior' concept, which combines sustainability, environmental awareness, and harmony with nature, will play a crucial role in 2024. This trend encourages gardeners to maximize indoor and outdoor spaces, creating environments that uplift their mood and promote their wellbeing.

Droughts and other extreme weather conditions are experienced all over the UK and overseas. Water-wise, resilient plants will therefore play a big part in 2024 and beyond; and to reduce carbon footprints and to garden more sustainably, grass lawns will be replaced with either more extensive flower beds or dry or ‘xeriscaped’ gardens covered with a mulch, such as gravel.

Choosing Dalefoot’s wool composts that retain water and require 50% less water to irrigate your plants makes them the perfect choice. And, as a response to GenZ’s need for quality over quantity, the guilty pleasures of buying good-quality, organic compost, like Dalefoot, will be offset by a garden full of high-quality, healthy, tasty and aromatic plants.

Cyber lime – ‘vivid, punchy and powerful’ – alongside peach buff are the colours to look out for in 2024. There will also be neon signs and metallic tones, so expect to see orange, fuchsia and red alongside dark pinks and purples. With a bigger push for naturalistic gardens, muted tones that mimic nature will also play a large part, as seen at RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2024.

So, get your sunglasses ready for a colourful and cheerful year!



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