Caption: Crabapple blossom
Caption: More blossom!
It's a dog's life
Keen garden helpers!
Caption: Stella blossom - an eating cherry

For all the weddings...

Blossom reminds me of weddings, not just the confetti of the petals, but the timing. May and June are favourite months for weddings although September gives June some healthy competition. With Lockdown set to stay in place, my thoughts turn to the many postponed special days that will have to wait for more sociable times ahead. This train of thought was triggered this morning, when the pink buds of our crab-apple started to open in the sunshine. The cherry blossom is admittedly ahead but the apple blossom is arguably prettier and soon catches up filling the tree branches with garlands of flushed flowers.

It’s a relief that our apple trees are packed with flowers this spring as last year they had hardly any blossom and consequently, little fruit. In 2018, we had a bumper harvest and although I have heard that apple trees can take a rest year, I’ve never seen it so dramatically. So over winter, 2019, I lavished them with mulch using our Dalefoot Lakeland Gold as well as some ‘home-brew’ from our wormery. All in all, they have bounced back which bodes well for all things appley come Autumn.

The bees are also happy and clearly think the situation requires ‘go, go, go’! They are buzzing about so quickly, I can’t quite catch them for a photo! All is not lost on the wild-life photography front as our beagles are moving so slowly. I’ve been able to capture their response to the arrival of the blossom for posterity.


Turns out it's a dogs life. Enjoy the blossom wherever you are and remember there will be confetti again before too long, Juliet. 

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  • Diana Ray

    04 May 2020, 7.09pm

    Yes we have lovely blossoms everywhere too and our apples rested last year. The air id full of buzzing bumble bees, honey bees, masonry bees and lots and lots of bee flies that mimic bees in many ways but no stings!. Comfrey has been in flower for at least 2 months and is fabulous for pollinators. we are waiting excitedly for our first delivery of compost treasure and thanks for the helpful tips on how to get the best results.


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