Kevin and his giant leeks
Caption: Kevin and his giant leek
Kevin and his giant radish
Caption: Kevin and his giant radish

Kevin Fortey, currently holds the UK Record for the Heaviest Marrow in 2010 weighing 171lbs. This year he grew three marrows over 155lbs. Kevin says “One of the ingredients to our success has been through the use of Dalefoot Compost products.” And here he explains why…..

“The naturally occurring slow release nitrogen within the compost has successively produced the most vigorous leaf growth over the past four years. We use the double strength wool compost mixed with Lakeland Gold Compost and mulch around the base of the plant. The product not only provides nutrients to the plant but it has excellent moisture retaining properties to help prevent drying out of the root system.”

“For the past two years we have grown Japanese Mooli radish weighing over 15lbs. Previously we were getting radish around 6-7lbs. One of the reasons for our success, we believe, is the changeover to incorporating double strength wool compost into the mix. The compost has provided slow release nitrogen to help provide essential feed for the radish as well as moisture retention to prevent drying out and the radish ultimately going to seed due to inconsistent moisture levels. No other supplementary feed was used in 2014 where we grew a radish weighing over 16 pounds.”

“Our challenge in 2015 is to grow some giant veg solely in a bag of Dalefoot compost and hopefully we'll show you the results at the UK Giant Vegetable Championships in Malvern in September 2015.”

The Dalefoot team wish Kevin success with his next challenge!

For more information about Kevin and his Giant Veg, go to
Or follow Kevin on Twitter @giantveg


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